HMIS Project Overview

HMIS Best Practices
HMIS Community Partnership Application
HMIS Partnership Application for Service Providers
HMIS Project Overview (This is the download version of our online answers to Frequently Asked Questions)

HMIS Administrative Files

Client Release of Information

Before you can share your client's record in HMIS, your client, or head of household, must sign a general release of information form.

Client Release in Spanish

HMIS Agency Administrator Agreement

Each participating agency has at least one staff person designated to help administer and oversee HMIS implementation.

HMIS Agency Partner Agreement

Participating agencies enter into an agreement with THN and the other agencies collaborate using HMIS.

HMIS Consumer Notice

This notice (English & Spanish) should be visibly posted in your public lobby or reception area.

HMIS Grievance Filing Form

This form (English & Spanish) should be made available to clients who suspect a violation of their privacy rights.

HMIS Privacy Policy

This policy (English & Spanish) explains uses, including possible disclosure, of clients' personal protected information in the system.

HMIS User Agreement

Each user agrees to the terms laid out in the user agreement.

Terms of Reference

These are terms of reference to help employers write job descriptions that include HMIS responsibilities.

HMIS Case Manager Job Description

HMIS Agency Administrator Job Description

HMIS Data Entry Specialist Job Description


HMIS Training Material

HMIS User Guide

This guide introduces new users to HMIS and provides a functional understanding of the system.

TX ClientTrack Architecture

Diagrams, navigation and terminology

HMIS Data Collection

HMIS Client Intake and Assessment Form

This form includes all HUD HMIS-compliant intake questions, assessments and acceptable responses.

HMIS ESG Worksheet and Statistical Report

This worksheet and report should be used by victim services providers and domestic violence agencies that receive ESGP funds. *Updated 2012

HMIS SSVF Intake and Assessment Form

This form is designed specifically for VA SSVF grantees and includes the HMIS-compliant intake questions, assessments and eligible responses.

Texas Balance of State CoC coordination with Domestic Violence Service Agencies

Video instructions on how to use the DV collection spreadsheet.



HMIS Case Studies

Case Study of Bethany House

The goal of Bethany House of Laredo is to feed the hungry and house the homeless, but their reach and success goes far beyond both of these goals. Started in 1982 to provide hot meals for homeless, indigent, elderly, veterans, and disabled individuals, Bethany House now provides 22,680 shelter nights a year and 1,300 hot meals every day.

Case Study of Grayson County Shelter

The mission of Grayson County Shelter is to provide multiple survival services to homeless people and others in need, with the explicit goal of self-reliance. Grayson County Shelter has been carrying out this mission in Dennison, Texas, since 1988. In that time, the shelter has added close to 50 shelter beds and serves around 300 men, women, and children every year.