Conference Presentations

2016 Texas Conference on Ending Homelessness, September 21-23, Austin

Being An Awesome Shelter

Coordinating Access to Housing and Income
Interagency Collaboration to End Veteran Homelessness
SOAR Overview
Social Security Programs Overview
TICH Council Update
Identifying Tools to Build an Effective and Revenue Generating Board
Roles and Responsibilities of a Nonprofit Board
Tools for a Do it Yourself Strategic Plan
Tracking Volunteer Data You Can Use
Class Notes Tracking Volunteer Data
Creating Safer Spaces: Intersection of Domestic Violence, Mental Health & Trauma
Mobilizing Communities to End Veteran Homelessness
Housing First
Systems Change and Prioritization


2016 Case Management Institute Sessions

Case Management for Homeless Services
CTI Overview
Ideas for Implementing MI in Your Organization
May you be blessed
MI Intro - Building Skills
Selected MI Practice Activities & Tools
Selected MI Online Resources
This work
Understanding Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care
A Brief History of Motivational Interviewing
Trauma-Informed Care Basics
Case Management Practice
Critical Time Intervention Basics


2015 Texas Conference on Ending Homelessness, October 13-16, Corpus Christi

Ethics & Special Issues of Working with Unaccompanied Children Facing Homelessness – Ethics Session
Supporting Undocumented Youth
Dispute Resolution for Students in Homeless Situations as Required by the McKinney-Vento Act
What Schools Need to Know: Supporting Children and Youth in Homeless Situations
Youth Homelessness Task Forces: Organizing Local Communities to Meet Youths’ Needs
The Texas 84th Legislature: A recap of laws impacting the education of homeless and foster children and youth
Project Pathway: Are You Ready to Transition to College or the Working World?
How to Develop a High Impact Performance System that Effectively Ends Homelessness
Ending Veteran Homelessness
Making Zero:2016 Work for Small but Mighty Communities
Side by Side ESEA Reauthorization 2015 – HR5 Student Success Act and S1177 Every Child Achieves Act
Messaging, Advocacy, Relations, and Keeping Everyone Happy
TX BoS CoC Strategic Work Plan
The Art of Fundraising by Gary Leach
Coalition Building for Local Homeless Coalitions
Brownsville ISD “Youth Connection Project” – The Foodbank of Brownsville, TX
Housing Survivors of Domestic Violence: State and Federal Laws
Round Table Discussion to Provide Recommendations on How to End Veteran Homelessness
Strategies to Maximize Well Being – Dealing with Disappointment, Heartbreak, and the Realities of Working with Vulnerable Populations
How to be a True Collaborative Partner
Trauma Informed Care – t3’s TICOMETER
How Do We Do What We Do, Only Better?


2015 Supportive Housing = Healthcare conference, March 31 - April 2, Austin

Beacon Health Options Housing Programs
City of Austin Funding PSH
ECHO ROI Sharing and Things to Consider
Houston Coordinated AccessHouston Coordinated Access
JPS Care ConnectionsJPS Care Connections
Mount Pleasant Housing Authority
Tarrant County Coordinated Access
Waco Housing Authority Partnerships

2014 Housing Summit, May 21 and 22, Austin

Partnering with PHAs to End Homelessness
Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance
San Antonio Housing Authority
Texarkana Housing Authority
Dallas Housing Authority
Austin Housing Authority
Houston Housing Authority part 1
Houston Housing Authority part 2
Fort Worth Housing Authority

Visit the HUD website for studies and additional resources.

Coordinated Access


LRGV Homeless Youth Taskforce
Continuum of Care Program

HUD has made available a series of trainings to assist recipients and subrecipients of Continuum of Care (CoC) Program funds.

HUD CoC Program Start Up Training Webinars

In 2013-2014, THN provided technical assistance to all CoCs to assess and enhance the CoCs' compliance with HUD's Continuum of Care (CoC) Program interim rule and Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program interim rule. Documents related to requirements in the regulations were developed and/or refined. The CoCs listed below participated in the project and have posted their documents on their websites. (Click on a CoC's name to link to its site.)

Tarrant County

Continuum of Care Program Roadmap

This Prezi is a great overview of HUD's CoC program.

Educational Videos & Webinars

Visit our YouTube page to view more videos.

Service-Enriched Housing Videos

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs has posted a series of videos on their website. The videos were produced in collaboration with The University of Texas, on behalf of the Housing and Health Services Coordination Council (the "Council" of "HHSCC"), to provide educational information about housing and services resources for people with disabilities and aging Texans. 

Map of Continuum of Care Regions in Texas

A Continuum of Care (CoC) is a regional or local planning body that coordinates housing and services funding for homeless families and individuals. CoCs represent communities of all kinds, including major cities, suburbs and rural areas. View the Texas map.

Additional Resources

explore.va.gov offers Veterans and their family members fast and easy ways to learn about benefits they may be eligible for and to begin the application process.

Being An Awesome Shelter

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